Research and Development

How we work

In order to innovate and provide suitable solutions for customer’s needs, the R&D department of Arescosmo S.p.A. is characterized by attitude for continuous improvement.

This aspect and the company’s strategic target make research and development a company’s focal point.

The special nature of the projects addressed needs timely and in-depth studies that allow our team to create a dedicated compliance matrix in order to achieve every single customer’s requirement.


Arescosmo was involved on a Research and Development program for a system of vehicular airbags for post blast impact damping.

Objective of the study was the development of a protection system for the people of armored vehicles, against the secondary effects deriving from the relapse of the vehicle cell after an explosion.

The airbag module system was designed for easy installation and retrofit with minimal intrusiveness on vehicle cell.


The threats of space debris are increasing with the launch of several satellites in the last decades.

This phenomenon is particularly perceived in Low Earth Orbit (L.E.O.) where the general guidelines actually prescribe a maximum deorbiting time of 25 years.

Arescosmo is studying a possible suitable solution in order to solve this space eco-sustainability problem.


As a direct heritage of the excellent technologies used for personal and collective protection, Arescosmo, by means of further research and testing, ensures the removal of air contaminants and the treatment of water in space.

Arescosmo is studying a specific system based on HEPA filter technology in order to allow pressure balance and to avoid contamination during the entire project life-cycle.
More in details, the main purpose of this system is related to the planetary protection concept.

Inflatable Antenna

Arescosmo has to demonstrate the feasibility of new rigidisable deployable technologies using inflatable dropstitch technology or technologies similar to dropstitch.

Need to investigate the process of making earth observation antennas using this technology for various sizes and frequency bands (with related surface accuracy).

The activity includes the definition, design, build and test.


Consisting in an Inflatable Re-entry Technology for capsule-type vehicle or payloads.
The concept was based on an extremely light modular system which can be adapted to any space element and is launched onto orbit in a folded state.

IRT represents the first Arescosmo’s technological demonstration of applicability of an innovative non-rigid heat shield that inflates shortly before re-entry into the Earth’s or an outer planet’s atmosphere.

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