Defence and Space

Who we are

We are Arescosmo

Established in 1987, Arescosmo has always aimed to design, produce and qualify products and services for the survival of our defence and security forces. The company is structured into two Lines of Business: Defence and Space.

Over the following years Arescosmo developed a wide range of products obtaining a leading position and growing share of the market.

Arescosmo has gained specific knowledge in the design, qualification and construction of people parachutes, as well as trajectory stabilizers and drogue parachutes for military aircraft within the defence industry. The company, continuing its strategy in the defence sector, expanded its product range to include ballistic vests and CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) kits.

Moreover, Arescosmo developed significant capabilities providing a range of products to the space industry managing technological programs at system level for space applications.

From 2010 Arescosmo developed capabilities in the design and manufacturing of Ground Support Equipment for military aviation systems.

Arescosmo is at the forefront of innovation constantly looking at new high-tech solutions that anticipate the needs of our Armed Forces.

Why Choose Us

Made in Italy

Arescosmo is a strategic partner to the Italian Ministry of Defence that recognizes the importance of local Italian capabilities in the design and production of high tech products and services for the defence industry.


Arescosmo has always demonstrating its capability of adapting, skills and methodologies to the ever changing market requirements and clients' needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Arescosmo has consistently maintained a high level of customer satisfaction. Our commitment to provide excellent products has earned us the trust and loyalty of our customers.


Arescosmo is always focused on the wellfare of its people ensuring a healthy working environment.

Solutions We Provide

Arescosmo’s mission is to provide products and services aimed to support life and survival of Defence and Security Forces as well as to support operations in the aerospace field. The company’s areas of interest are:

Personal Protective Equipment

Arescosmo has a great capability to provide suitable solutions against CWAs and TICs agents. The company has several years of practical experience in the design and manufacturing of CBRN protection systems such as: Protective CBRN suits and Protective CBRN Masks.


With over 40 years of experience in the design, qualification and manufacturing of parachutes, Arescosmo is able to design and qualify different types of complex solutions for military applications such as: Airdrop system, Drogue parachute, Personnel parachute, Torpedo stabilizer.

Ground Support Equipment

Arescosmo supplies advanced customized solutions to support the Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO) for military aircraft in extreme environmental conditions. The equipment is composed by: Localized Enclosure (LE) and Environmental Control Unit (ECU).


Arescosmo experience in space field resides in designing, manufacturing and management of space programs such as: Planetary landing, Planetary descending, Atmospheric Re-entry, Inflatable modules, Recovery subsystems, Space agriculture, Life Support Systems, Capture Mechanisms, Planetary protection.

research and development

In order to innovate and provide suitable solutions for customer’s needs, the R&D department of
Arescosmo S.p.A. is characterized by attitude for continuous improvement.

This aspect and the company’s strategic target make research and development a company’s focal point.

The special nature of the projects addressed needs timely and in-depth studies that allow our team to create a dedicated compliance matrix in order to achieve every single customer’s requirement.


On the occasion of removing asbestos from the roof of its headquarters, Arescosmo has installed 1960 photovoltaic panels, covering an area of more than 8000sqm.

The power plant produces about 30% of the company’s energy demand. Being a grid-connected system the remaining 70% is taken directly from the national network. The generated electricity is used to power all the offices and the production department.

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